Our Difference

Social, economic and technology trends require companies to have executives who not only adapt to change, they lead the changes in their industry. Westwood & Wilshire leverages the best information sources with professional expertise to discover and deliver these exceptional leadership candidates for your selection. Key tenets of our success are SPEED, EXCELLENCE, TRANSPARENCY.

To succeed in today’s accelerating world, you must have a search partner who can keep your company ahead of the game. That partner is Westwood & Wilshire.


The market for top caliber talent is extremely competitive. We believe that speed is the most important counter measure. Capitalizing on a mix of highly skilled recruitment leaders, advanced metrics and a refined search process, we are able to identify, attract and deliver the best available talent with an efficiency that our competitors simply cannot match.


In order to effectively deliver the very best talent each and every time, it is critical that we have access to a broad pool of talent. As such, we are extremely selective with the companies with which we choose to partner. We limit our partnerships in each functional area and only seek long-term relationships with innovative companies that are in a position to capitalize on our unique market offering.


We understand how important it is to capture not just some or most of the market, but the entire market on each and every assignment. This is the only way to ensure that we are delivering the best available talent for our clients. Throughout the course of the search we allow our clients full access to the raw data of our search efforts. This transparency serves two purposes. For one, it offers our clients peace of mind that the best available market is being targeted. Second, it provides an open and honest basis for ongoing discussion around the market, the challenges and the best strategies to employ.