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Making Lemonade: Our New WFH Reality

None of us chose this, but we do get to choose how it defines us. We’ve never lived in a more connected and virtually ready time than we do now. So, how can we leverage our technological and social progress to support our current state?

In my profession, I have the privilege of witnessing first-hand how executives across verticals and domains lead their companies. Here are a few takeaways on how the talent I follow, network, and work with are #makinglemonade in their new #WFH realities.

  • Understand your company culture. Those that embraced WFH/remote flexibilities had an easier time ramping up their teams for full-time remote work. The nuts and bolts of building a secure VPN and setting up a team with the right equipment wasn’t a challenge. The internal structures and workflows were already innate.
  • Don’t fight it. Your remote office set-up and culture may not precisely mirror your in-office routines. Learn to adapt to the circumstances and embrace the changes that make the current situation work.
  • Be a leader. Executives that brought their personal face to their meetings were better respected and their teams felt more connected. In some cases, this meant executives bringing their pawed friends for a cameo over Zoom. In other cases, this meant relating to their teams about the domestic realities they we’re all juggling.
  • Stay grounded. Work-time hosted Happy Hours, Yoga and video karaoke. BYOB, of course.
  • Create a safe work from home culture. Leaders setting examples to their teams that Work-From-Home doesn’t mean Work-While-Sick. Use that PTO, you earned it.
  • Hands-on Management. Higher touch onboarding for new employees. Break up tasks with more frequent check-ins for your newest hires.
  • Dynamic and personalized approach. Not all divisions are the same and some require more support and check-ins than others. Engineering, Sales and Customer Service all operate differently so don’t use a one size fits all approach, allow for initiated autonomy.
  • Do your due diligence. Choose your communication tools and keep them simple to start if this is your team’s first time working remotely.
  • Communicate. Daily video check-ins that focus on action items and collaboration.
  • Transparency. Slack’s DailyBot integration is an easy and task focused solution to keeping team’s work flowing with an emphasis on removing blockers that other teammates can help remove.
  • Stay connected. Easily accessible, open-source libraries where best practices can be shared and updated by the whole team. If your current internal database doesn’t allow for a one stop easy depository, consider OneNote or Google Drive.
  • Don’t overdo it. Be wary of overcommunication- while there will be a few that struggle with balancing remote work and their personal life - managing by the lowest denominator may bring down others.
  • Adapt. Last of all, don’t be afraid to hire based on video interviews. As long as you are implementing your due diligence with a robust interview panel and checking references, waiting for the unknown to pass could put you at a greater loss than acting assertively.

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